A Respectful, Dignified Approach to Ending a Marriage

Divorce doesn’t have to be a destructive process.

With the collaborative approach, conflicts are redirected in productive ways that will enable you and your spouse to stay focused on achieving an agreement that meets the needs of everyone concerned.

The Basics

Collaborative divorce is client-driven, not attorney-driven. At the outset, all parties involved will sign a participation agreement agreeing not to litigate the case in court.

The process itself is usually takes place in a series of meetings between the spouses, their respective lawyers, and neutral experts on children, parenting, finances or other issues, as appropriate.

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Divorce is both an ending and a transition into something new.

As an attorney with a collaborative practice, I can help you achieve a dignified end to your marriage while preserving your ability to make the next chapter in your life as bright and fulfilling as it can be.

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