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If you’re facing the prospect of a divorce and have minor children, you probably feel more than a little anxious over what ending your marriage will mean for them and their future.

If so, you’re not alone. This is normal, and it’s okay.

I’m Meagan J. Fox, a Woodbury-based, family law attorney serving clients throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. More importantly, I understand how profound these concerns are for you and can alleviate much of the stress you’re currently feeling by providing you with clear answers and explanations regarding child custody and child support issues under Minnesota law.

Child custody, for example, is divided into two types: Legal Custody and Physical Custody. Legal custody confers authority to have a say in major decisions about your children’s lives (religion, schooling or health care, for example). In most cases, both parents share legal custody regardless of where a child lives most of the time.

Physical custody refers to where the child or children live. While more and more parents are sharing joint physical custody (meaning that children spend a roughly equal amount of time living with each parent) — sole physical custody and unequal physical custody arrangements can also be ordered based on the court’s findings regarding the list of factors to be considered under Minnesota law.

Child support, by contrast, is dictated by a statutory formula that takes into account the respective incomes of each parent, the amount of time each parent has the children, child care and health care costs, and certain other factors.

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While solutions achieved through mediation or collaborative practice are typically better for children, litigation is the only appropriate option in some cases. Rest assured, however, I am a tenacious and equally effective advocate for my clients in the courtroom and will not hesitate to pursue the results you seek through litigation whenever required.

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