Working Together

As a sole practitioner, I have the freedom to give each of my clients a greater degree of personal attention from start to finish. On a practical level, this means that you will have direct access to me every step of the way. When you have questions or a situation changes, I’ll be there to give you an answer or promptly take action to protect your interests.

My training and experience in the area of collaborative law is an added benefit that should not be overlooked if your concerns involve family-related legal issues.

The collaborative approach is a remarkably effective cost and time saving form of alternative dispute resolution. Unfortunately, many Minnesota family law attorneys have not gone through the training required to use this method and cannot offer it to you as an option.

In addition to these qualities, I take pride in:

  • Representing clients with diligence and true professionalism at all times;
  • Showing respect for all parties;
  • Being a strong advocate for each client’s best interests at all stages of the case;
  • Taking time to help my clients understand what the issues and options are so that they can confidently make informed decisions;
  • Offering reasonable rates, which will be clearly explained and honestly discussed up front.

The Free 60-Minute Initial Consultation

Whether you’re facing the prospect of divorce or simply want to update an estate plan, it’s important to choose a lawyer you trust and will feel comfortable working with until the matter is resolved.

The initial 60-minute consultation I offer gives you a risk-free, cost-free way to find out. At a minimum — and even if you decide not to retain me or would like to speak with a few other lawyers before making a decision — you will walk away from this meeting with some of your legal questions answered.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with me, call me today at 715.829.3484 or complete a brief email contact form and I’ll reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

My Woodbury, Minnesota, law office is easily accessible from both I-94 and I-694. I am also available to consult with clients by phone or meet at other locations, when necessary.

The Law Office of M.J. Fox, P.A. provides professional family law and estate planning services to clients throughout the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and surrounding portions of Central Minnesota.